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Capas al ReRe Riga Festival

Companyia de Circ "eia"
9 d'agost de 2014 - 19:30h
9 d'agost de 2014 - 20:30h
Riga, Letònia

Circus Company Eia! (Eia meaning “yes” in Sardinian, in French “élans imprevus accordés”, in English ”unexpected agreed impulses”) presents their newest show “Capas”. Company was created from the fusion of Armando Rabanera, Fabrizio Giannini, Cristiano Della Monica (Cirque Vague, Circo de la Sombra and Le Grand Osim Orchestra) with Francesca Lissia and Celso Pereira (Celso y Frana), with a desire to explore and confront their ways of doing circus. They met some time ago under the circus tent in Madrid. From there, their paths diverged and led them to opposite ends of Europe. Throughout this time they developed very different ways of working the discipline of acrobalance.

Now, the desire to share and personalize their artistic language brings them together again. Their differences in education and artistic paths are their strenght and creates an expressive language as a group. In a time when to be different usually presents difficulties, Eia counts on letting particularities emerge, to enrich the collective work, bringing to their shows the color and variety that the world deserves.

“Capas is a return to our origins, where we open the doors to our secrets and our worlds, delving through the layers that clothe our stories.”

In their show they welcome the spectateurs in their home – home of four acrobats and one musician. The homes with their smells, sounds, memories, the roots from which they come, and the lives that they have built . “Capas” draws you in to a circus version of communal life; convivial and disarming, a piece made up of warm welcomes and humanity. Circus arts, mixed with music and dance in a show full of poetry and humor.