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A lecture about economics is disrupted by a being from a parallel dimension and that will alter its course and cause absurdly real situations.

The work explains the non-applicability of the second law of thermodynamics to dimensions smaller than the Planck length in a clear and intuitive manner.

In more postmodern words, it goes about the questioning of corporeity and the here and now which the multidisciplinary performative dramaturgy of the double-slit leads us to.

Or, in Oldspeak, it’s about life, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

That’s to say, it’s fun.

Lorem & Ipsum’s fuel is curiosity about the surrounding world. From the amazing universe of the infinitesimal to human behaviour, including brain microtubules and Lagavulin 16 years.

The founding members of this company are aware that biting off more than one can chew ain’t wise and that, as Baldomero Lopitez once put it, "Laughter is like a cookie. It is useless if you don’t have it inside."

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