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Merci Bien

  • Company: Mumusic Circus
  • Director: Marçal Calvet i Clara Poch
  • Number of artists: 2
  • Artists: Marçal Calvet Dalmau Boada
  • Duration: 45 min- 1h15 min
  • Release date: 2008
  • Disciplines:Acrobatics on the groundAerobaticsStunts devicesBalancing
  • Public: All publics
  • Space:TheatreStreet
  • Live Music:
  • Contact: Marçal Calvet
  • Telephone: 678437662
  • Email: mumusiccircus(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: www.mumusiccircus.com


 Ladies and gentleman, finally they have come to open the doors.

In your town
The only duo whose personages are from where they go.
An amusing, fresh, generous and warm show that combines acrobatics,
Chinese pow, incredible hand stand, live music and many more surprises.
Take a seat and enjoy the eccentric ways offered by these guys. See how they
resolve some troubles that never got to exist.
The specials guests of the day will be able to perceive the taste of some goods
backwards and take part of the final orchestra.
Un effervescing show where music is the word.

Specification sheet (PDF 57 Kb)

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