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  • Company: La belle journée
  • Director: Caspani/Sperotto
  • Number of artists: 2
  • Artists: Francesco Caspani i Andrea Sperotto Mirada externa: Claudio Stellato
  • Duration: 45 min- 1h15 min
  • Release date: 2019
  • Disciplines:Acrobatics on the groundOther circus disciplines without equipmentOther sortsQuick ChangeStunts CyclingContortionismDanceEscala lliureFakirTight Wire Handler MimeRolla BollaAcrobaticsDramaStilts
  • Public: All publics
  • Space:TheatreTent
  • Live Music: No
  • Contact: Andrea Sperotto
  • Telephone: 93 315 23 54
  • Web: http://www.anticteatre.com/en/events/event/la-belle-journee-bluemonday/


 Buoys, a compressor and plastic bags.

Actors and objects manipulated at 180 bpm.
Two identities submerged in an absurd and cruel relationship.
They act out their difficult moments with irony and transform severe loneliness into ‘plastic’ art.

Bluemonday is:
Your favourite song when you get a flat tire.
Arriving late for work when it’s Sunday.
Being in the lift and not knowing what to say.
The inevitable stain on your white trousers after lunch.
I miss you, I love you and other generic nonsense.

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