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Seasons Circus

  • Company: Adrian Schvarzstein - Le tendre Amour
  • Director: Adrian Schvarzstein
  • Number of artists: 10
  • Artists: Artistes de circ: Adrián Schvarzstein - director d’escena / actor Didac Cano María Cavagnero Duo Kaos: Giulia Arcangeli i Luis Paredes Músics: Ensemble Le Tendre Amour (Barcelona) Katy Elkin - co-director, vents Esteban Mazer - co-director, clavecí Lixsania Fernández - viola da gamba Margherita Pupulin - violí Juan Ulibarri - vents
  • Duration: 45 min- 1h15 min
  • Release date: 2019
  • Disciplines:AerobaticsOther aerial acrobaticsOther circus disciplines without equipmentOther balancingAerial RingCyclingDanceDiaboloHand to HandUnicyclismCyr WheelDramaAerial Silks
  • Public: All publics
  • Space:Theatre
  • Live Music:
  • Contact: Blanca Pascual i Torrens
  • Telephone: 627902957
  • Email: info(ELIMINAR)@seasonscircus.com
  • Web: http://letendreamour.com/seasons.html


The four seasons, symbols of  people’slives.

From birth and childhood in spring to the end of life inwinter.

Inspired by the timeless paintings of father and s­on Brueghel.

In “Seasons”, the stage becomes a 16th  century marketplace on which life is presented   in all its rich variety. Using no words, stories are told about love, passion, courage and change. The audience embarks on an eventful journey through time, traversing the four seasons that serve to represent the cycle of life. It’s a journey into the whimsical world of

Adrian Schvarzstein. A fictional world full of truths and symbols, full of energy and a lust for life, all extending way beyond the constraints of the stage. “Seasons” moves its audience physically and psychologically. Across emotions like sorrow, happiness, rage and euphoria, it finds ways to communicate via the artists’ bodies and instruments.

The director of the legendary Circus Klezmer drew inspiration for “Seasons” from Pieter Brueghel’s baroque image styles, which serve as a backdrop. Designed in a manner just as rich in detail as the painting of these pictures is this “piece of musical-circus-theatre”, as he calls it. An international ensemble of musicians localise popular baroque music in the here and now. It all gets passionate and turbulent when they meet up with the artists on stage.

Conceived as a collected artistic creation, baroque pop music and contemporary circus performance at the highest level merge as one on stage. Their bodies become the artists’ language, on the barre, on ropes or with the diabolo. As soloists or in duett. Without words. With an outstanding appetite for performance, expressing life with the necessary light touch. Because ultimately there’s been a great deal of movement and everything begins anew.

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