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Anna Confetti

Anna Confetti


                                CIRQUET CONFETTI COMPANY

The Cirquet Confetti group has been making people smile for 28 years, with parades, circus workshops, street performances and stage shows.

Following the philosophy of the modern circus it believes that the comical and poetic shows are for all audiences. The sincere and emotive small stage circus speaks through the language of a clown and through the live music.

During this 28 years the company works everywhere In Catalonia, in the” Tarrega’s Street theatre festival”,”International Clown Festival of Cornellà”, in a lot of places in Spain and also in European cities, like “Festival de Théatre du Pamiers”, ”Fêteurosud” in Le Mans (France),”Sidmouth Folkloric Festival”(England),”Theater für Kinder aus Europa”( Germany),”B-Fit in the street!”(Romania)…

With the association “Clowns without borders”we play in Croatia and Guatemala.

The company is member of the Apcc (Catalan Circus Professional Association).

  Usually the company works for town halls, schools, different associations about childrens´ theatre, cultural programmers, festival programmers….


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