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Management Comittee and Technical Office

The structure of the APCC is made up of partners, the management committee and the technical office. The management committee elected for the period 2014-2015 is composed by the following members, together with his area of action:

  • President: Fabrizio Giannini (in charge of Instititional’s Relations and Internationalization)
  • Vice president: Teresa Iglesias (in charge of Professionalization)
  • Secretary: Elena Zanzu (in charge of Internationalization)
  • Treasurer: Francesca Lissia "Frana" (in charge of Circus visibility).
  • Chairs of the board: : Pili Serrat (in charge of Formation), Silvia Capell (in charge of Relations with members) and José Luis Redondo Martinez (in charge of Relations with members)
  • Read here the composition of the Board and the candidacy program.

The technical office is composed by: