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Work areas

 National Prize of Circus 2009

“For having achieved the materialization of measures and projects that allow the circus arts, in all their disciplines, to exist and grow, as well as for having proven that playing with gravity is not incompatible with wisdom, and that artists themselves can drive cultural policies”.

Lines of work

  • Takes part in cultural politics.
  • Unites the sector in Catalonia.
  • Takes part in the network of circus entities in Catalonia and the rest of the country.
  • Spread the circus in the circuits of creation, production and exhibition, as well as in the media.
  • Gives advise to companies, entities and circus professionals.
  • Manages La Central del Circ, Factory of Circus Creation of the Barcelona City council.
  • Basic advice for artists and companies on projects, subsidies, legal frame, taxes, security, etc.
  • Spreads the work its members through the website www.apcc.cat:
    • Directory of associated professionals.
    • Partner shows directory. 
    • Agenda of circus in Catalonia.
  • Specific information about circus.
  • Bulletin with information about the sector (job openings, announcements of festivals, subsidies, actuality, training, etc.).
  • Free subscription to the Zirkolika magazine.
  • Access to the files and circus archives of La Central del Circ, Factory of Circus Creation of the Barcelona City council.
  • Continuing education for professionals:
    • Conferences about management, production, security, etc.
    • Courses and workshops in different disciplines with international teachers.
  • Discounts to La Central del Circ and in the activities of the APCC.
  • Theaters, courses and workshops, professional services and specific shops discounts.
  • Scenic arts shows punctual free admissions.