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Who we are?


The APCC brings together professionals from the circus of Catalonia from all professional and artistic disciplines. They can be located in the Membership Directory.

Assembly of members

The base of the APCC is the Assembly of Members, held at least once a year, although many may be called extraordinary as deemed appropriate. The Assembly elects once every two years the Management committee.

Management committee

It is formed by ten members who meet biweekliy to stablish the strategic lines of the APCC, discuss the positions of the association to the political circus, drive new proposals for improving the sector, assess applications from new members, decide on actions of work to be undertaken ant he location of the projects that the engineering department has in place.

The current management committee are:

  • President: Fabrizio Giannini (in charge of Instititional’s Relations and Internationalization)
  • Vice president: Teresa Iglesias (in charge of Professionalization)
  • Secretary: Elena Zanzu (in charge of Internationalization)
  • Treasurer: Francesca Lissia "Frana" (in charge of Circus visibility).
  • Chairs of the board: : Pili Serrat (in charge of Formation), Silvia Capell (in charge of Relations with members) and José Luis Redondo Martinez (in charge of Relations with members)
  • Read here the composition of the Board and the candidacy program.

Working Committees

Members can be part of the working committees that meet monthly and work very hard via email. They discuss the themes and projects which are being worked on the APCC and are a vital tool to define and create the activities of the Association.

The committees which are active at the moment are:

  • Commission of Formation: works to promote the training of trainers, coordinate training initiatives and encouraging the formative map
    Propose, participate, see ... Visit their website or send an e-mail to apcc.comissio.formacio@gmail.com
  • Commission of Shows on the street: works to promote a space where artists can work circus in street in good conditions. Propose, participate.. please send an email to gerent@apcc.cat

Technical Office

The technical office is responsible for carrying out the work plan of the Association, doing activities, coordinating the Management commitee and other committees and meeting the demands of partners and people who are interested in. The office is located within La Central del Circ (Parc del Forum: Esplanada del Forum s/n 08019 Barcelona, phone 93 356 09 31) and is open to the public every morning from 9.30 to 14.30h.

The office consists of Alfred Fort (gerent@apcc.cat), manager, and Amèlia Bautista (apcc@apcc.cat), responsible of communication.