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Convocatòries internacionals

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Biennal Cinars (fins el 27 d'octubre)

Data de termini de presentació: 27 d'octubre de 2019

  • Data de publicació: 3 de setembre de 2019

    Data de realització: 9 de novembre de 2020

    Població: Montreal

    País: Canadà


    Us deixem informació en anglès sobre la convocatòria de la Biennal CINARS de Montreal, que tindrà lloc el 2020. Us recomanem que tingueu en compte les condicions d'inscripció i tots els detalls que trobareu aqui.

    Submit an application to present a showcase in the official programming of the 19th CINARS Biennale (International Conference and Networking Organization for the Performing Arts) which will take place in Montreal from November 9 to 14, 2020.

    For the first time since the creation of the conference and in order to better serve certain disciplines, we will only present for the 19th edition Theatre, Dance and Circus/Multi-Disciplinary Arts showcases in their ENTIRETY as part of the official programming. We will no longer present excerpts, except in Music for which we keep the 25-minute presentations.

    The call is open to artists from all countries. Please note that applications must be sent earlier than usual, before OCTOBER 27, 2019, and that a non-refundable CA$125 processing fee will be charged for every submission.
    •    Learn more about the CINARS Biennale by visiting CINARS’ website;
    •    Read the official programming policies;
    •    Fill out the application form.