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Convocatòria de càsting per artistes a Dubai (Data límit - 15/07/2016)

Data de termini de presentació: 15 de juliol de 2016

  • Data de publicació: 12 de juliol de 2016

    Data de realització: 12 de juliol de 2016

    País: Dubai


    Us adjuntem en anglès informació sobre una convocatòria de càsting de la UAE Circus, a una agència d'esdeveniments amb base a Dubai.  

    Would you like to work in Dubai?

    The UAE's leading talent agency needs you!
    Professional, trained, multi-talented performers required for work in 2016.
    Juggling & Object Manipulation. Acro & Strength Skills. Tumbling. Clowning. Stilts.
    Hula. Bicycles. Fire. Jump rope. Mime. Magic. Human Statue. Bubbles. Dance.
    One Man Band. Accordion Player.

    Professional circus arts training (or equivalent level if self-taught)
    Onstage/street experience
    Excellent physical fitness & stamina
    Mastery of precise & artistic rhythmic movement
    Ability to work as part of a team
    Basic acting skills
    21 years or older
    Have a valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity
    Available from 1 September
    English speaker

    Theme park experience
    Musical talent including singing (please specify)
    “Extreme” skills eg football freestyle, skateboard
    Other languages

    Contract Period
    Contracts will be offered for 3 months with an option to extend. The contract will
    start from the rehearsals in the first week of September.

    All cast and crew will be accommodated in standard shared apartments or

    Dubai return ticket and local transport provided between accommodation and
    venue daily.

    Send your CV, Photo’s and Videos to castings@thefridgedubai.com

    1. Your CV
    Your CV should tell us about:
    Your address, phone number, e-mail and website (if applicable).
    The main discipline you excel in, as well as:
    • The levels of achievement you have attained;
    • Your experience on stage, in competition and at sponsored
    showcases or other events.
    • Other disciplines you may be familiar with or have experience in. Anything else about yourself that you'd like to share.

    2. Your photos
    You should provide us with one or two close-up photos that clearly show your
    face and bodylines… and your personality

    3. Your videos
    We accept video files in all formats except for executable (.exe) files. If you don’t
    have a professional video, a simple homemade video is fine.