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Theater show for the Greenbelt Festival (August 25)

Deadline for submission: 23 April 2017

  • Publication date: 13 April 2017

    Date: 13 April 2017

    City: Londres

    Country: Gran Bretanya


     The artistic direction of the Greenbelt festival in London is looking for:

    A street show on August 25 with a possible second performance on Saturday August 26.
    The place where the representation would be made is a marquee with a capacity for 800 people, with technical possibilities. They have previously performed on this stage Barely Methodical Troupe, Silver Lining, Acrojou, Ockhams Razor and Al Seed.
    It's a family festival, and they are ideally looking for a show for over 8 years, but not a children's play.

    Contact: katherine goodenough

    Email: katherine@greenbelt.org.uk

    Telf 020 7329 0038 x 209 /m 07834 227 257 |