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Open call for companies for FRiNGE Recklinghausen

Deadline for submission: 30 September 2017

  • Publication date: 14 July 2017

    Date: 2 May 2018

    City: Recklinghausen

    Country: Alemanya



        We offer you a venue including basic equipment and technical support from experienced staff (stage, light and sound) for 4-6 performances for free. Technical details and plans of the venue are available in advance.
        We help you with the application process, registration, organisation and technical issues.
        We coordinate the productions and their venues.
        We handle all aspects of ticketing and box office and sell the tickets for the prices of FRiNGE.
        We guarantee the basic funding of the festival.
        We take care of advertising and public relations of the festival in advance .
        We also provide FRiNGE brochures, which you can use to promote your show. You can also promote your show through your own press releases, mailers etc. And we suggest you to promote the show by yourself here in the city. The more you do that, the larger your potential audience.
        We cover the costs of accommodation and travel for all necessary artists and people required for the performances.
        You get a 50% pay-out (booking fees excluded) of your box office receipts as a fee for the performances.
        We ask participants to organize their travels, arrival, departure and accommodation by themselves. Ruhrfestspiele can assist with finding hotels and provide information about the city. Hotel-bookings can also be made by the festival, unless the production prefers a reimbursement of accommodation expenses and self-cares for the rental.
        There is no legal claim to the offered services. Coverage of costs by the festival requires written confirmation. Verbal agreements are not relevant.


        Application is open to companies, artists, groups or individuals, who produce their show in an independent, non-institutional context.
        The productions may belong to the genres of drama, dance, physical theatre, acrobatics, music, performance, mime, comedy, multimedia, puppet theatre, etc. Productions can also be presented in mixed forms.
        For the participation a professional claim is required.
        The production must be finished by the time of the application.
        All relevant information, such as technical rider, plans, press material and appropriate photos must be submitted in time. It is suggested to add a video or DVD to the application to give the jury a good impression.
        You will need to keep the technical requirements of your show very simple, as some venues of the FRiNGE are used parallel. For technical set-up and rehearsals only a few hours are available on the day prior to the performances. There is only an approx. 60 minute change-over time between shows.
        Set-up and rehearsal times must be scheduled individually.
        The participants agree to acquire the legal rights and permissions of third parties for their plays/shows/pieces in advance of the festival. They agree to take care of all copyrights and exploitation rights by themselves. In case of infringement of any copyright or ancillary copyright, whether knowingly or not, the participant is solely responsible.
        Storage space in the venues is limited, since this space is shared with all shows at that venue.

    Contact: Anna Fentrop

    Email: fentrop@ruhrfestspiele.de

    Telf +49 (2361) 918-393