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Open call for residency in Vilnius (Lithuania) (deadline 12th march 2018

Deadline for submission: 12 March 2018

  • Publication date: 8 February 2018

    Date: 4 June 2018

    City: Vilnius

    Country: Lituània

    Us adjuntem la informació en anglès sobre la convocatòria de residència a Lituània:

    Arts   Printing  House offers a  residency  for professional  international  artists  in  Contemporary  Performing Arts field: Contemporary Circus, Theatre,  Dance.  As well Arts Printing House opens residency  to  the  Producers  of  performing  arts:  art  directors, festival  programmers  or  man agers  of  the  field.  We  try  to  encourage  and  strengthen  the  interaction between  Lithuanian  artists  and  guests  from  other  countries via Artists in Residence program Print Art on Stage

    We offer: 

    · 1-4  weeks  residency at  the  Arts  Printing  House.
    Residents  can  choose  acceptable  space  at  the  venue  for  a preferable  period of  time.
    We cover their  travel expenses, accommodation  and other  expenses  such  as  living costs and localtransport  costs  in  the city.
    .  The  residency  takes  place  at the  Arts  Printing  House,  lively  and  diverse  contemporary culture venue situated inthe Old Town of Vilnius

    Disciplines: Contemporary Performing Arts: Contemporary Theatre, Dance, Circus, Administrative
    *Duration:(preferably) 1-4 weeks, 4-8 working hours per day

    More information here.

    Email: gabriele@menuspaustuve.lt

    Web: http://www.menuspaustuve.lt/en/

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