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Project presentation at International Contemporary Circus Market at Montreal

Deadline for submission: 5 May 2019

  • Publication date: 14 March 2019

    Date: 8 July 2019

    City: Montreal

    Country: Canadà


    MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE organizes its INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS MARKET (MICC). At the initiative of TOHU, this market is a unique opportunity in America for programmers, promoters, circus artists from here and abroad to meet, exchange and discover!!!

    During the 4 days of the Market, professionals of circus arts have benefited from a range of activities: professional and artistic events, conferences, showcase, Tête-à-tête (one-on-one), Tour de piste (oral presentations) and more.

    Find out more about the MICC in video HERE.

    From the start, activities dedicated to professionals have grown bigger at an impressive rate. In fact, participation has almost quadrupled, from 30 professionals in 2010 to over 370 professionals from 25 countries in 2018!

    The INTERNATIONAL MARKET OF CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS is proud of its recognized influence in the circus arts and has become a key rendezvous in the circus world.

    MICC goals:
    • Support and promote the development of circus arts on the international scene.
    • Encourage commercial discussions between companies and broadcasters.
    • Develop a North American co-distribution network.
    • Raise the profile of creative artists in Canada.