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Berlin Circus Festival busca números i espectacles en construcció (a la gorra) (data límit: 31-05-16

Deadline for submission: 31 May 2016

  • Publication date: 26 April 2016

    Date: 29 August 2016

    City: Berlín

    Country: Alemanya


    Berlin Circus Production is looking for extraordinary acts and innovative creations
    to be presented during the Open Stage (29.08.2016) and the Work-in-progress
    (01.09.2016) of the Berlin Circus Festival.

    The Festival:
    In August the doors of the Berlin Circus Festival, the first festival for contemporary
    circus in Berlin, will open for a second time. Berlin is a dynamic, lively, young and
    culturally rich but we have almost no contemporary circus here. It’s not that we
    don’t want or can’t - we’re missing a stage! But in august this will change!
    During ten days we are inviting 7 circus companies to Berlin to play, enchant and fascinate the Berlin public in a wonderful big top on the old airport of Berlin, right in the center.
    Our tent is a beautiful 26 meters large with a stage of 10x10m and 9m height.
    Rigging points, lights and sound will be provided and a public of around 450
    people, including many programmators from Germany.
    We will provide food, light and sound technician and a hat will pass around, which will go entirely to you. As well we will film your performance and you will get the video, soon after your performance.

    About you:
    Open Stage:
    We are looking for superb acts up to 8min for the Open Stage. Please keep in mind
    that we are promoting contemporary circus ;)
    Interested: Send us a mail with your name, video and website with the subject:

    You are working on a new show or concept and want to present something to an
    open audience? We offer you the stage for up to 20min. Afterwards there will be a
    short feedback talk with the audience. Ask all your questions!
    Interested: Send us a mail with your name, video and website with the subject:

    General info:
    We can accept propositions from 01. – 31. of May!
    We are looking forward to receiving your answers!
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