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Chile international festival for children teather (deadline: 18-12-2015)

Deadline for submission: 18 December 2015

  • Publication date: 7 October 2015

    Date: 7 October 2015

    Country: Xile


    1. Description
    Centro Cultural Mori, Santiago, Chile, created the International Family Theatre Festival FAMFEST as a space for the exhibition, production and discussion of the performing arts. Furthermore it is an instance of encounter and Exchange between national and international companies.
    FAMFEST consciously assumes that theater is the ideal medium of fun and wholesome entertaintment for the population of children and adolescents, and welcomes actor´s theater productions, dance theatre, puppetry, puppets, black theater, circus theater, magic, clowns, shadow theater, miniature theater, pantomime, physical theater, storytelling and musical theater. Adding to the above, we believe that theater is an important educational instance in children´s development, which I also why the topics that are staged have great relevance.

    2. Objetives
     Promote the creation of new audiences for performing arts
     Give visibility to quality projects and performances within the frame of an international festival.
     Helps satisfy the demand for activities related to performing arts that children, teenagers and family population have.
     Facilitate access and enjoyment of performing arts as a right, especially in marginal areas where we have low-priced tickets.
     Promote and contribute to the integration and creation of a theater space through the participation of iberamerican companies involved in children’s theater.
     Promote family theater nationally and internationally.
     Stimulate family theater production, both in writing and staging, with topics and contents suitable for children and adolescents.
     Create a space for reflection and exchange on the importance of family theater in schools and society.
     Promote the country as an important cultural and tourist destination.
    9th version of FAMFEST: International Family Theater Festival
    FAMFEST 2016 “Ver, sentir y soñar”

    3. Place and date of the festival
    The 9th version of Famfest will be held in Santiago, Chile, during winter break between 10th to 24th of July and may extend to other regions of Chile.

    4. About participating conditions of international showcases
    1. Companies that can participate: all companies of children's theater that have proposals not only for theater but for alternative spaces.
    2. The main language of the play shall be Spanish, or that their understanding does not depend on verbal text.
    3. Companies should have the respective copyright and / or representation of the play.
    4. (Attach Affidavit in case of selection).
    5. Productions must have a maximum duration of 1 hour and thirty minutes (1 ½ hours), and a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes.
    6. Companies have absolute freedom on the topic, style and content of the projects, although FAMFEST productions prioritize work proposals that contribute the audience to relate CHILDREN with universal or Latin classical literature through adaptations and theatrical versions of these texts, among others.
    7. Applying companies must provide a complete recording of the play without editing effects on DVD, 5 pictures in high resolution (300 dpi), reviews of the work, journalistic accounts, historical grouping, composition cast, length of performance, technical requirements, required stage space, time of setting and disassemble.
    8. Proposal for one day workshop for children and / or adolescents. This must be formulated to be made in 1 day (5 hours maximum).
    9. They must also attach an educational application to work with the public.
    10. The festival’s organization reserves all rights on recording, publishing and distributing audiovisual material, workshops, debates, conferences and interventions for the benefit of the play and broadcasting.
    11. FAMFEST provides a cache (to be agreed with the selected companies). International companies may consist of a maximum of eight (8) people (fully justified in the production), including technical equipment, for four (4) performances at the event.
    12. The payments will be canceled after the last scheduled performance.
    13. Companies must be able to perform more that one show per day.
    14. FAMFEST will grant accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and internal transfers for all international artists during participating in the event, for a maximum of 5 days. Internal transport meaning: receiving and dismissing the various delegations at the International Airport, transfers from the hotel to the respective places of presentations and back, (while participating in the Festival). All this is coordinated by the transportation area of the event. Additional transfers and outside of working hours and places will be responsibility of each company.
    15. The international company may NOT coordinate, contract or agree conferences, talks, workshops, lectures or any other related activity outside our event programming, national or international producers or with other institutions or organizations without prior permission.
    16. Any activity generated by the company outside the Festival program is at their own risk absolving the organization, of any responsibility or liability.
    17. All members of the companies have free access to all Festival events and activities.
    All applications must attach the basic application file located below
    * They must also attach an educational application to work with the public, annex 2
    * The calling and requests to participate start on August 30 th 2015.
    * The deadline for applications is Friday december 18th 2016.
    Applications should be sent to info@centromori.cl.

    Email: info@centromori.cl

    Web: http://famfestchile.cl/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Convocatoria-Internacional-Ingles2.pdf