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Become a member

Being a member of the APCC means be added to a group of professionals who works to uphold their rights and improve the conditions of all the sector and dignify our art.
Members have right to enjoy all the services that the APCC offers and they can participate in the Association operation through the work commissions, the General Assebly and the directives.

1. Who can be a member?

Any professional in circus arts that works in Catalonia and have two years of experience Es poden fer socis de l’APCC tots els professionals del circ a Catalunya amb dos anys d’experiència (artists, technical workers, employers, representatives, managers, directors, dramatists, exhibition designers, choreographers, critical, theoretical, docents, etc.).
The Rogelio Rivel students can also be members with some special conditions.

2. Quotas

Professional quota: 120 € annual, to be paid in quarterly quotas of 30 €
Students Quota: 30 € annual

3. Enrolment process

If you want to be an APCC member, you must follow the steps descrived bellow:

  1. Fill the application form
  2. Send an email to apcc@apcc.cat attaching you resumee. Also 2 current members have to send us an email verifying your professional career.
  3. Your admission will be studied in the next members meeting and then we will contact you to notify your enrollment.

Enrollment form