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Convocatorias internacionales

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Joves artistes per a Circus Festival YOUNG STAGE (fins el 9 de febrer de 2018)

Fecha de terminio de presentación: 9 de febrero de 2018

  • Fecha de publicación: 14 de noviembre de 2017

    Fecha de realitzación: 11 de mayo de 2018

    Población: Basel

    Pais: Suïssa

    Us adjuntem en anglès la convocatòria per a joves artistes (fins a 27 anys) amb números de circ del Festival Young Stage de Basel (Suïssa).

    Artists from all over the world are invited to apply for the festival 2018. The upper age limit is 27 years. The artists have to be max. 27 years old during the festival 2018. Troupes of artists are also invited. For such troupes the average age must be max. 27 years during the festival 2018.

    The artists must register with the official application document and must submit a full video of their act or a Youtube or Vimeo link without required password. Minor artists need to have the signature of at least one parent or guardian on the registration form.

    The candidates agree to the use of all photographic and/or video material for publication. All usufruct for the requirements and duration of the event over all printed material or electronic media is retained by the organizers. The artists or troupes of artists accept that the performances will be recorded and that no claim for recompense thereby results for them. The rights of this material (photos and/or videos) are retained by the organizers. Performances with animals are not accepted.

    The candidates agree that the max. performance time at the festival is 5:30 minutes for each act. There will be six shows and each artist performes in all festival shows. The artists will not receive any fee for participating in the shows.

    The organizers will pay some subsidies for the travel costs depending on the country the artist is travelling from. All meals and accommodation will be payed by the organizer.

    The organizers’ decision on participation in the festival is final. There is no right to participate. The candidates will be contacted as soon as possible after receipt of their registration. The organizers reserve the right to make additional stipulations regarding the conditions of participation.


    Email: nicole.wuethrich@young-stage.com