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Festival Kometa a Daugavgriva Fortress, Letònia (data límit 30 Abril)

Fecha de terminio de presentación: 30 de abril de 2018

  • Fecha de publicación: 26 de abril de 2018

    Fecha de realitzación: 26 de abril de 2018

    Es tracta d'un peculiar Festival el qual facilita un trencament amb la rutina i un exercici de creació. En una illa gairebé verge, sense publicitat, ni plàstics, ni res del que estem acostumats/des. És bastant experimental i co-creatiu, ofereixen varis temes per a desenvolupar in situ. Pel que fa a la part econòmica, cobreixen transport, dietes i allotjament i, en el cas que els ho permeti el pressupost, intentaran aportar despeses de la companyia. Aquí podeu trobar la informació global.

    Us deixem la informació en anglès:

    Festival Kometa is a culture and music festival that takes place on the island of Daugavgriva Fortress in Riga, Latvia.

    In the era of growing polarization, overconsumption and disconnection, Kometa offers a way of collectively envisioning another world – one that engages, empowers and unites through creativity, collective cultural experiences and joy.

    With live music from various corners of the Earth, DJ sets, contemporary circus, cinema, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and performances, Kometa is a unique and vibrant three-day event that embraces diversity and leaves long-term traces in its participants, by inviting and encouraging to practice freedom to think, choose, connect, create and participate. Freedom from advertisements, slogans or hidden agendas. Freedom to transform.
    Kometa is a cosmic culture festival which shows that music, art and humans coexist in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.

    Kometa 2018 will be the third edition of the festival. The first two festivals gathered around 5000 visitors and several hundred artists, activists, lecturers and performers from several dozen different countries.

    The overarching theme of Kometa 2018 is Participation. That means that our program will have a focus on artistic and cultural processes that encourage collaboration, self-organization and formation of new initiatives.

    Festivals have long been known for their potential to create spaces for participation, collective narratives, social and geographical sense of belonging and shared cultural experiences that bring joy and involvement, therefore Kometa is also a laboratory, experimenting how we could at a larger scale all participate in co-creating an inclusive and innovative permanent cultural space in the Daugavgriva Fortress.

    We encourage everyone to become an active co-creator of the festival and contribute to its various manifestations by coming, participating, contributing, intervening and helping.

    Komēta 2018 will spread among various thematic villages:

    Pachamama Tribe will represent the flourishing organic-electronic world music scene, merging elements of ethnic, folk and traditional music with various genres of electronic music, both uptempo and downtempo.

    Kometa Circus Village invites circus artists from near and far to come together at the fortress before the festival to participate in a residency and workshop from July 24-26 led by Alexis Akrovatakis, and together create unique, Daugavgrīva Fortress inspired contemporary circus performances. Alexis Akrovatakis graduated from Kiev circus school in 2005, worked as a teacher at University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, and is part of Svalbard and Tweni Tweni collectives.

    Kometa Academy: through lectures, conversations and workshops led by artists, activists, thinkers and members of the local community Academy will delve into questions such as: What if we collaborated instead of focusing on our individual gain? How to build strong movements that have the potential to change the ways we live for the better of all? What local knowledge and skills are being lost in the era of globalization? Are we courageous enough to put ourselves under the microscope and examine our practices?

    Higgs Boson will alternate between a vibrant stage for improvisations and live concerts by a diversity of artists. This is a village where anything is and will be possible, a meeting point and a rocket to get out of space. Individual musicians and collectives are welcome to apply. We will appreciate musicians and collectives that could be available for the whole weekend and an openness and motivation to jam with different musicians.

    Aware House will show that dancing can be the ultimate practice of freedom. It will invite to lose oneself in the labyrinths of electronic music, explore and overcome its boundaries.

    Cinema Village will be curated by a group of media artists – Liva Collective – who expand the idea of a cinema and broaden it into a storytelling soulground, with exhibitions and performances mixed with video projections, sound design and installations at the space.

    What we offer
    An opportunity to participate in a unique festival on the magical island of Daugavgriva Fortress in Riga, Latvia and connect with hundreds of other local and international artists, activists, educators. Several collaborations have already sprung up between artists who met during the first festivals.
    For circus residency participants we cover local transport, catering and accommodation. Coverage of travel costs, fees and technical needs for other applicants will be considered within the limits of our program budget.

    Who can apply
    The call is open to artists, musicians, DJs, circus performers*, storytellers, workshop facilitators, academics, activists, poets, dancers and anyone else who feels that what they do is bound to become a part of Kometa program and is aligned with its philosophy, values and vibe.

    Application deadline: April 30. Decisions will be announced by May 11

    Web: http://festivalskometa.lv/en/opencall/

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