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Convocatorias internacionales

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Convocatòria del festival Awaji Art Circus (Japó) (fins el 6 de maig)

Fecha de terminio de presentación: 6 de mayo de 2018

  • Fecha de publicación: 3 de mayo de 2018

    Fecha de realitzación: 13 de septiembre de 2018

    Población: Illa Awaji

    Pais: Japó

    Us deixem els detalls de la convocatòria del Awaji Art Circus 2018.

    Aqui trobareu el formulari d'inscripció.


    We started to receive applications from artists for Awaji Art Circus (AAC) 2018!!!
    Please read the Open Call below and apply if you meet our conditions!


    Awaji Island, located in Hyogo Prefecture, is considered to be the Island of Japan’s Origin and is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and tasty food. However, in recent years, the island faces serious issues such as population outflow as well as decreasing birthrate and aging population.

        Based in Awaji Island, AAC has three distinct missions:
            One is to bring about increase in population flow and local economic consumption leading to regional vitalization whilst utilizing local resources.
            The other is to let the world know the appeals of Awaji Island and more broadly Japan. AAC aims to become a new local tourism attraction and attract people from within and outside of Awaji Island.
            Last but not least, to develop art and culture on Awaji Island and to create a chance for Japanese people to get to know international art of different genres.
        We ask all of you, talented international artists from around the world to:
            Stay in Awaji Island during ONE month and entertain visitors with your performance at various locations on the island; as well as
            Experience and enjoy the appeals of Awaji Island and be the messenger as you spread the word about the island through SNS etc.
        Through AAC we aim to give opportunities for artists around the world to:
            express themselves as street performers: carry yourself equipment and props, prepare yourself performance place, perform - do your favorite job regardless of the amount of the audience and receive not small tips but fixed monthly payment (!!!).
            get to know Japan, gain new experience at a new place and interact with artists of various genres, as well as to contribute to fostering personnel in the field of art.


        Recruiting : number of artists30 participants
        Location: Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
        DurationSeptember 12 (Wed)~October 17:  (Wed), 2018
       *You should arrive in Kansai International Airport before or on Sep 12.
        Details. Participants have to

                Number of workdays. Five workdays a week.
                Performance frequency. As a standard, performance frequency will be around two/three times a day. Exceptions may be allowed upon consideration by the organizer of AAC (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).
                Performance duration. Depending on the event the Organizer will ask you to prepare different durations of performance: 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 15/20/30 minutes*
                 This time depends on the genre you represent
                Circus tricky genres, for example: hand-balance, contortion, etc.    15 minutes
                Other circus disciplines: clowning, object manipulation, etc., music, dance performances, theatrical acts    20 minutes
                Interaction acts, for example: live statue, stilts, etc.    30 minutes
            Share information in social media. You will create posts and share information in social media (Facebook, Instagram, blog etc.) about Awaji Island and Festival based on your experience daily. Sometimes the Organizer will provide you the information you have to use in the posts or ask to share some posts.
            Participate in Cultural program. Japanese cultural experience programs will be conducted once a week on days off.
            Perform in Grand performance. Participants will collaborate with local artists and school students to create joint Grand performance which will take place at the end of the Festival.
            Lead a Workshop. Participants will lead a workshop of their discipline for local people
            Participate in Daily evening meetings. 20-minutes evening meetings will be held daily (excluding one day off)

    3. AAC 2018 OVERVIEW

        Orientation: September 13 (Thu)~14 (Fri), 2018
        Performance period: September 15 (Sat)~October 14 (Sun), 2018
        Discussion, leaving preparation: October 16 (Mon)~October 17 (Tue), 2018

        Public locations in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan (parks, squares, restaurants, streets etc.)
            The feature of performance venues can be best described as ‘unusual spot’. The venues include park, café, tourism facility, square, foyer, roadside, cultural facility, school etc.
            Performance venue for each artist changes periodically. Artist shall adjust his/her performance to suit any venue.
            Most are in the open air and have only space to perform and no equipped stage and no well-equipped changing rooms.
            The floor varies from venue to venue (lawn, wood deck, concrete, asphalt etc.).
            Transportation from accommodation to performance venues will be realized by AAC bus or cars.
            Time on the road takes from 30 minutes to two hours.


        Performance fee : 200,000 JPY for the whole period (the sum will be divided and paid in cash in JPY at the beginning and at the end of the period). This is the sum per person in case of a group.
        Transportation cost. We will cover your two-way economy class air ticket from your nearest airport to Kansai International Airport. Artist is expected to book and buy the airline tickets by himself/herself. The Organizer will reimburse travelling costs and pay in cash at the beginning of the Festival, based on the airline ticket information and boarding pass provided by the Artist.
        Meals: Breakfast and dinner will be provided. Other meals should be individually prepared by the artist.
        Accommodation. Rooms for 3-4 people
        Support staff
        Traveler’s insurance


    To apply, you must meet all the following criteria:

        Open to artists of all genres of performing arts as: street performance, bodily expression, musical instrument performance, singing, live painting, dance, different circus disciplines (except all aerials acts, work with Chinese pole, tightrope walking, teeterboard, work with fire, performances which require perfectly flat surface) etc. Artists who are willing to break the barriers of existing genres as well as artists with interactive performance are welcome. * Please note that high-end sound/lighting equipment cannot be provided.
        Non-Japanese citizens only.
        Open to all artists over 18 years old.
        Both professionals/amateurs are eligible.
        Groups (participating member shall be three maximum) and individuals are both welcome.
        Artists who can adjust their performance to suit any performance venue.
        Artists who can provide high quality of performance regardless of the number of audiences. * Awaji Island has few visitors on weekdays.
        Performance which is offensive to public order and morals, dangerous performance, performance with acts which cause inconvenience to a third party, performance which is unjustly cruel to animals, performance which uses motorcycle, performance which may be partial to certain religion/belief and performance with political assertion are not eligible.
        Artists who are willing to write about Awaji Island as well as their everyday experience and performance on Facebook, Instagram, personal blog, etc.
        Artists who are interested in Japan, Japanese culture and livelihood etc.
        Artists who are keen to participate in sightseeing tours, cultural experience programs etc. planned by the Organizer. *The Organizer will cover expenses for participation.
        Artists who are interested in regional vitalization, local economic development etc.
        Artists who can proactively communicate with other artists, local residents and visitors.
        Artists who can communicate in English.
        Previous years performers are welcome to apply on a regular basis. In case of being chosen for AAC 2018 they will be asked to do some extra work as a support staff for additional payment.

    *Items not defined in the Open Call shall be decided by the Organizer upon consultation with artists.
    If you meet all aforementioned criteria and ready to contribute your energy to Awaji Island we are waiting for your application!!


        First screening : Application material screening
            Deadline for application submission is 11 PM (Japanese time) on May 6 (Sun), 2018.
            Successful applicants who will proceed to the Second Screening will be announced on May 30 (Wed), 2018 by mail.

        The Organizer will go through application materials and decide on successful applicants of the First screening.
        Second screening : Online interview
            Scheduled dates are June 10th (Sun), 11th (Mon), 12th (Tue), 13th (Wed), 14th (Thu).
            Those who passed First screening have to send us the following documents before Second screening (every member in case of a group):
                Copy of valid passport (copy of the first page with your picture and personal info and previous Japanese visas if any);
                Applicant’s Resume in English (with education, valid work history and links to your accounts in social media as FB, Instagram);
                Documents proving awards and achievements if you have (copy and translation into English -translation doesn’t have to be certified);
            The Organizer will conduct the interview and decide participating artists of AAC 2018 upon consideration of the First and Second screening. Successful applicants will be announced on June 20th (Wed), 2018.

    Application form