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Convocatorias internacionales

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15th International Children's Theatre Festival (fins el 15 de gener)

Fecha de terminio de presentación: 15 de enero de 2019

  • Fecha de publicación: 20 de diciembre de 2018

    Fecha de realitzación: 24 de abril de 2019

    Población: Ankaa

    Pais: Turquia

    Aquí teniu més informació en anglès sobre aquesta convocatòria:

    Applications for the 15th International Children's Theatre Festival are now open

    Turkish State Theaters is honored to announce the 15th "Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen" International Children's Theatre Festival.

    The festival will take place between 24-29 April 2019 in Ankara, capital city of Turkey. Besides main theatre performances, groups can also propose workshops and outdoor performances like street theatre, street events or dance shows etc. Last year companies from Iran, Spain, Italy, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Germany, Greece, Russia and Turkey have participated with performances, and also leading experts conducted workshops throughout the festival week.

    Applications for 15th edition are now open, and can be submitted by using the attached application form which also includes detailed information about the festival. The deadline for applications is 15 January 2019.

    The Festival:

    a.    The festival will be held in Ankara (the capital city of Turkey) between 24- 29 April 2019
    b.    The host of the festival is Ankara State Theatre.
    c.    The 23rd April is considered as check-in day. No performance will be on this day.
    d.    The 24th April will be the opening day.
    e.    The performance days are between 25th and 29th April 2019.
    f.    Each group is expected to perform four performances in two days (twice per day as 11:00 and 14:00).
    g.      The festival is a non-competitive.

    Conditions of Participation: 

    a. The festival aims to cover a wide range of different theatre techniques such as puppet, shadow, dance, backlight, physical, street, musical, opera, ballet etc.
    b.    Preference will be given to productions that do not rely on language, but use other means of expressions allowing maximum understanding of the young audience.
    c.    Each group must send a complete application form and a CD/VCD/DVD record of the play they want to participate at the festival. Regrettably, CD/VCD/DVD etc. will not be sent back.
    d.    Groups will provide their own set, costumes and all accessories etc. needed for their performance.
    e.    Groups or individual participants can propose workshops, discussions etc.
    f.    The organizer will cover bed&breakfast, €25 per diem(in Turkish Liras), local transportation in Ankara, guidance and free access to the performances.
    g.    Each group should send the required information till the following deadline: 1st January 2019.
    h.    The Organizing Committee; consisting of State Theatre’s actors/actresses and dramaturges, is also the selection committee. Selected groups will be informed till the 1st of February 2019 by e-mail. The official invitation letter will be sent by e-mail and post.
    i.  Due to the organizer’s agreement with the hotel, the organizer can provide only one single room for each group. The rest of the rooms can be double and triple.

    Application Form:

    The application form and the CD/VCD/DVD record of the play must be sent to the organizing committee before the 1st of January 2019.

    1. Name of theatre/group/company:
    2. Name of performance:
    3. Author's/Playwright's name:
    4. Director's name:
    5. Name of set, costume, light designer, composer and choreographer:
    6. Cast of the performance (Performers, dancers etc.):
    7. Total list of the participants:
    8. Duration of performance:
    9. The aimed age group of the performance:
    10. Brief information about the Theatre/Group/Company (Max. 150 words):
    11. Synopsis of the performance (Max. 150 words):
    12. Rooming list:
    13. Photos, CD/DVD record of the performance:
    14. Stage dimensions required for the performance:
    15. Technical requirements (light/sound etc.):
    16. Contact person of the theatre/group/company:
    17. Address of the theatre/group/company phone, fax, e-mail:

    Festival Contact:
    E- mail: turkiye.23april@gmail.com
    Phone:     +90 312 324 40 94/1169

    Post address:
    Devlet Tiyatroları Genel Müdürlüğü
    İstiklal Cad. Çirmen Sok.
    II. Evkaf Apt. No: 8
    Dış İlişkiler ve Festivaller Birimi (4. Kat)
    06050 Ulus-Ankara

    Email: turkiye.23april@gmail.com

    Telf: +90 312 324 40 94/1169