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Inscripció a la Fira International Kultürborse Freiburg (fins el 10 de juliol)

Fecha de terminio de presentación: 10 de julio de 2020

  • Fecha de publicación: 26 de mayo de 2020

    Fecha de realitzación: 17 de enero de 2021

    Población: Freiburg

    Pais: Alemanya

    Us adjuntem informació en anglès sobre la convocatòria de la fira international Kultürborse Freiburg, que ha previst la seva nova edició pel pròxim mes de gener. Es poden llogar estands i i enviar la vostra proposta per a les presentacions curtes d'espectacles:

    We are currently "on sight" in the planning of the 33rd International Kulturbörse Freiburg (Germany) 2021. At the moment we assume that the IKF will take place from January 17 - 20, 2021, whatever that may be.

    Since the beginning of May, artists can apply at the homepage www.kulturboerse-freiburg.de/en/ and exhibitors can book a fair stand at the homepage.

    Applications can be submitted for the fields performing arts and music by 10 July 2020, for street theatre (performances & walk acts) by 15 September 2020.

    The coming issue of the IKF will certainly be a very special IKF, then the crisis induced by the Covid 19 pandemic has become a question of existence for many artists and cultural workers. Especially now the IKF is important as a marketplace for the arts, as a place for personal encounters and exchange. Because: Culture is not everything but without culture everything is nothing!

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