Transparency portal

The APCC, by will of its board of directors who represents the members’ assembly, applies legal assumptions from the Spanish law Llei 19/2014, de 29 de diciembre about transparency, access to public information and good governance. Furthermore, the APCC must obey this law because more than 40% of their annual revenues come from public subsidies (en concrete, about 60% for May of 2015).

You can read the entire law at this link (in Spanish)

In the three sections below, we will detail how the association accomplishes with these obligations.

  • Transparency

    The APCC communicates its activity through the its website, indicating dates of publication and updates. The information is organized in an accessible, thematic, chronologic and understandable way.

    Més Info Transparency
  • Good governance

    The APCC respects the rule of law, protection of fundamental rights and public liberties, and impartiality of decision-making, not influenced by conflicts of interests and equality.

    Més Info Good governance
  • Open government

    The APCC involves its members and professionals of the circus sector into the decisions-making process by inviting them to members’ assemblies, board of directors meetings and work committees. It also makes an ongoing evaluation.

    Més Info Open government