Després de tot, una saga escènica simpàtica, i que fa mal


After all, a very nice saga that hurts.

The company's new artistic project explores the literary genre of sagas and proposes an analogous stage format. It carries out a deep and contemporary work of dramaturgy in the circus, putting it as one of the important centres of research, playing with different scenic languages and exploring its narrative capacity.

After all, it is a tragedy that imagines a future from which to look at and read our present.

We propose the hypothesis that the characters of the piece are the artists of the company Psirc themselves, living as a family and community in a swamp. The scenic space, which is the same in each piece, is conceived in the periphery of any civilisation; a landscape in extinction that Google probably places at the edge of the world, where life is rethought every day. The swamp is the metaphor for this exotic, liminal territory, a threshold between what is gone and what is yet to come, a territory where stories related to the human are represented. After all, it talks about the everydayness of existences conceived from the margin.

The saga is made up of 6 shows of different formats, all of them performed live.

The EPISODES are independent pieces of about 50 minutes, in no chronological order, conceived as spin-offs of the piece entitled After all, the film. These episodes excavate the interior of each character to explore their tragic and mythological dimension. They focus on each of the main characters of the saga, investigating who these people are, what their past is, what the place where they live is like, what they do, what they are worried about in the present, what their future will be...

After all, the movie is not a film, it is a large-format live performance. It is the narrative core of the saga, which links all the short stories of After all. It lasts approximately 90 minutes and requires the participation of extras from outside the company in order to explain the creation of the community and its evolution. The extras will be different depending on the place where the show is performed in order to generate some kind of link with the community.

What is the gesture you would make if you were the last human being on the face of the earth?

The TRAILER is the shortest version of all. It is a STREET SHOW, introducing the characters and showing the big circus acts related to each of them.

Rolando San Martín
Núm. d'intèrprets:
Fitxa Artística:

En escena: Benet Jofre, Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Anna Pascual

Dramatúrgia: Benet Jofre, Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Anna Pascual, Rolando San Martin.

Direcció: Rolando San Martin

Instal·lació/creació de so i llums: PSiRC

Fotografies: Francis Rodor / Julián Waisbord

Producció tècnica: Benet Jofre, Wanja Kahlert

Producció: La Utòpica SCCL (Berta Pascual / Anna Pascual / Adrià Montaña)


Festival Grec de Barcelona; La Grainerie, fabrique des Arts du Cirque et de l’Itinérance - Pôle européen de Production, Balma / Toulouse Métropole -France; Nilak, circ teatre itinerant; Fira Trapezi Reus

Amb el suport de:

Fàbrica de les arts Roca Umbert; Cronopis espai de circ; Teatre Auditori de Granollers; Konvent.0; L’Estruch Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu; Teatre Municipal de Girona i ICEC - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals.


Pau Portabella, Juliette Beaume, Nini Gorzerino, Diogo, Alice Rende, Ignasi Solé, Johnny Torres, Oriol Gran, Oriol Escursell.

45 min- 1h15 min
Any estrena:
Tipus de públic:
Tots els públics
Tipus d'espai:
Carpa, Carrer, Sala
Música en directe:
Persona de contacte:
Berta Pascual Fernandez

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