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  • Company: Professor Karoli
  • Name: Ramon Muñoz Farreny
  • Profession:Artist, Shows Director, Impresario
  • Disciplines:Others, Other specialties, Rings, Balls, Cycling, Diabolo, Clubs, Juggling, Unicyclism, Clown
  • Current spectacles

     Professor Karoli

    colecoleccionista Circense 

    disposa d'una exposició itinerant titulada Papers de Circ

  • Province: Barcelona
  • Telephone: 932968462
  • Email: info(ELIMINAR)@karoli.com
  • Web: www.karoli.com


 Karoli Ramón Muñoz  Karoli The Wheel Man  wins the popular vote award prizes  Circus Zirkolika 2015
News Spain  - 28/09/2015 - Marcel Barrera.


 The eccentric unicyclist and Ramon Muñoz (Barcelona, ​​1958), better known as Professor Karoli, has won the popular vote to be delivered tomorrow Tuesday during Night Circus (Auditori, 20.00) and is organized by the magazine Zirkolika .
Karoli, one of the historic Catalan circus artists, with over 30 years of experience, served for 18 years of the popular couple unicyclists Boni and Caroli (1982-2000) and in 2001 began a solo career as Professor Karoli, an eccentric character that has been released shows the Elixir of Life and The Wheel Man (2006). With this latest show he has done over 700 performances . Among the many countries where he has acted they include France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Greece, Venezuela and Morocco.
Disciple of Rogelio Rivel , with whom he learned the techniques of juggling and unicycling, Karoli has been closely linked to the Popular Ateneu of 9Barris (Barcelona) and has worked for the development and standardization of the circus in Catalonia and President of the Catalan Association of Circus (ACC ) during the 90s; and most recently as a member of the board of the Association of Professionals of Circ de Catalunya (APCC).
He has also participated in the project for schools Historia del Circ  (Circ Crac) in the show Bocatto di Cardinale , Comediants, and as colecoleccionista has a traveling exhibition entitled Circus papers that has been seen in several cities. Karoli receive the award during the morning Night Circus, a gala in which the rest of the Awards Zirkolika be provided.
Sinopsis “karoli, the Wheel Man “
An incombustible character. Professor Karoli travels around inside his motor driven single wheel, combining his wit and talent  with a variety of stunt  wheels, tall unicycles that have legs and feet, miniature bikes that are only 30, 20 and 10cm Karoli demonstrates his passion for wheels with this daring show. A visual family show suitable for all ages.


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