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Javier Ariza

  • Company: Javier Ariza
  • Name: Javier Ariza Barcina
  • Profession:Artist, Artistic Director of events and/or facilities, Shows Director, Impresario, Trainer, Producer, Mozo/a de pista, Musician
  • Disciplines:Others, Other balancing, Balls, Stunts , Tight Wire , Clubs, Mime, Unicyclism, Clown, Musical clown, Drama
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  • Province: Barcelona
  • Telephone: 931062414
  • Email: javierarizabarcina(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: www.javierariza.com
Javier Ariza


It is difficult for me to decide whether I prefer music or theatre. For the least, the more I invest myself, and the more I try to make it better, it always results in the public smiling or even laughing a lot. My training in circus has allowed me to bring together many disciplines, object manipulation, juggling, magic, dancing, balancing , musical eccentricity… It is probably for that reason that I am a clown or a comedyl actor or however anyone wants to define me. I got my first acting role when I was 8 years old. The Harlequin in the comedia del arte. Today I take pleasure in admitting that I am any of the characters that I interpret. « a wink to the public I make it a complice to my game and I try to share my dream of live performance.

I had the opportunity to be mentored by Philippe Gaulier, who taught me that everything is more fun on stage, if you play something that gives you pleasure that is reflected in the light of your eyes, making you more interesting and brings forth a connection with you public. I’ve also met and worked withCarlo Colombaioni, Eric de Bont, Paco de la Zaranda, Jango Edwards, Merche Ochoa, Hernán Gené, and many others, and through those encounters, something became very clear to me/// This isn’t just a game, it is a lifestyle that should be shared. Therefore, it has been with Teatro Entre Escombros, Teatro la sonrisa, Beautifullmess Theatre and of course clown without boarders (from which we asked the unesco to consider smiling as a patrimony for humanity). In that way, every year, I try something new, I learn a new dance, I compose new songs with an illusion that I’m getting old without ever stopping to learn and endeepen my knowledge of a passion I wish to pursue until I die.

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