Punto y Coma


 Punto y Coma are not.

Their world does not exist.

If you can see them you are a privileged person.

In their fantastic world the objects are alive, movement talks and the words fly away. They coexist into a forgotten space lost in time, in a strange place where images dance and fragility tremble… It is a unique space, a book´s garden inhabited by strange beings and reinvented objects, a magical and surprising place, disturbingly familiar.Punto y Coma is a contemporary scenic proposal that explores the boundaries of Circus-Theatre. Taking its inspiration from Expressionism and theater of the absurd, explores the concepts of “culture” and “knowledge” exploring the poetic and expressive possibilities of contemporary circus and physical theater.

Rubén Río i Leandre Ribera
Núm. d'intèrprets:
Membres de l'APCC en aquest espectacle:
Nicoletta Battaglia, Rubén García Rio
Fitxa Artística:

Nicoletta Battaglia i Rubén Río

30-45 min
Any estrena:
Tipus de públic:
Tots els públics
Tipus d'espai:
Carrer, Sala
Música en directe:
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