Pero dime, qué es el éxito?


"But tell me, what is success?" is an elaborate circus that mixes text, movement and cyr wheel. It tells a fictional autobiography of "Victoria", an alter-ego of the artist created through her source of inspiration: the chonis and the folklore of the neighborhood. In the development, reality and fiction are mixed, the superficiality in contrast to the harsh survival in the urban suburbs. Success is critical to Victoria, but what kind of success? Success seems to be a must in our present, you have to show yourself in society, be seen and claim your space. Be it studies, social class or physical appearance, each person creates their identity through the recognition of others. Victoria are feminine iconographic obsessions sought by the artist forever and difficult to access having been raised as a man.

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Víctoria Heredero
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Victoria Sickness

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Carpa, Carrer, Sala
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Victoria Sickness


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