Good governance

The APCC, on behalf of its members, respects the rule of law, protection of fundamental rights and public liberties, and impartiality of decision-making, not influenced by conflicts of interests, equal treatment of all people, avoiding any kind of discrimination and arbitrariness in decision making.

The team and the board of directors of APCC work to adjust the management and budgetary resources to the law and to the purposes for which they were designed, respecting accountability and responsibility for own actions and the actions of the agencies they lead.

They hold office to the exclusive benefit of public interest, without carrying out any activity that might generate a conflict of interest. In case of a conflict of interests, the board member or the team member refrain themselves from participating in negotiations on that subject.

They are committed to use information accessible due to their position, for the benefit of public interest, without obtaining any personal or external advantage. At the same time they maintain proper discretion regarding information known through their position.

In all cases the team and the board of directors of APCC act in good faith. The board members do not receive any compensation on the basis of their position.