Open government

The APCC involves its members and professionals of the circus sector into the decisions-making process by inviting them to members’ assemblies, board of directors meetings and work committees. It also makes an ongoing evaluation.
Participation and collaboration in decision-making is done by members’ assemblies, as well as participation in monthly meetings of the board, which are announced in advance.

The APCC also involves circus professionals, whether or not members, to the decision-making process through work committees about specific issues (ex. circus training, voluntary donation shows, insurance, circuits ...) and meetings of artists and companies. The APCC informs all citizens who participate in these processes about the decisions taken and the reasons that justify them.

At any time, members of the APCC have the right to make proposals and suggestions for actions or improvements via email or via telephone (+34) 93 356 09 31.
Finally, in order to comply with the ongoing evaluation of public services, the APCC asks members and users about their activities and programs through evaluation surveys.