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Companyia: Adagio

Spontaneous laughter is a sound sculpture, ephemeral and in motion, caused by impulses that shake very hidden muscles of the human anatomy, altering it and transforming even its facial features. When we laugh, we don't even know which face we have.

It is a cosmic transit and a loss of gravity of rational life; it is an experience that passes through the moments of death in everyday life and transforms us into wiser and more humble ones. It is the release of something that until now weighed us down and we were not aware of it. It's freedom.
Jordi Aspa i Bet Miralta
Membres de l'APCC en aquest espectacle:
Elisabet Miralta Clusellas, Jordi Aspa Tricas
45 min- 1h15 min
Any estrena:
Altres gèneres, Teatre
Tipus de públic:
Tots els públics
Tipus d'espai:
Música en directe:
Persona de contacte:
Bernat Ferrer
+34 637 733 849


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