A small and picturesque circus has just arrived in the city after traveling hundreds of kilometers with its carts loaded with suitcases and trunks. They look for the ideal place to settle. Nobody knows where they come from, but they say that among its members are some of the most virtuous artists of the show.

Artists and musicians assemble and prepare all the scenery for the function live. The circus is a big family in which they live together, eat together, sleep together… they fall in love, argue, dance, play, fight… …together.

Ambulant is a large format hall circus show, directed by the renowned director Adrian Schvarzstein, which combines live music with an elaborate staging.

Ambulant is a tribute to the last classic circuses of the early 20th century. A poetic and intimate proposal that revolves around the idea of a trip to nowhere.

Adrian Schvarzzstein
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Intèrprets: Víctor Segarra, Dídac Cano, Gustavo Arruda “Guga”, Amanda Wilson, David Tornadijo “Torna”, Paco Caravaca i Laura Barba

Músics: Manel Chust, Rubén Traver i Alberto Guardiola

45 min- 1h15 min
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