A Rienda Suelta

Companyia: Xoxo Clown Show

A Rienda Suelta is the new production of Cia. Du'K'tO, a 45-minute street show for all audiences, which brings together three of the company's founding members. The show puts human relationships, play, and public space at the centre of creation.

A Rienda Suelta is to let yourself be carried away; it is to let your imagination fly through play and memory, enjoying this moment collectively. Three friends who have fun with each other and with the audience, expressing themselves in the language of acrobatics, dance, and humour.

The show sets off from simple and recognizable games that, with this "letting yourself go" by the group itself, ends up building more complex and virtuous movement structures. The company presents a proposal full of vitality, humour, and plasticity, which aims to create new opportunities for us to relate to each other in the public space.

A Rienda Suelta also considers the relationship between the performers and the audience. How the dynamics created by a group of people can feel like their own identity and, at the same time, invite the spectators to be infected with the same energy, with the same experience? In the show, the line that separates the stage space from the public space is blurred, allowing the performers to be immersed in the audience and to create a relationship so close that, at times, it is impossible to differentiate.

A Rienda Suelta will premiere at Fira Tàrrega ’23 after a cycle of presentations during the summer in the form of previews. The proposal counts on the involvement of Cronopis, Espai de Circ a Mataró (CAT), the Centre d’Investigació Escènica (IB), the Teatre Principal de Palma (IB), the Fira de Circ al Carrer (CAT), Societat Cultural Sant Jaume (CAT) and l’Aula de Teatre (CAT). Likewise, the project recently won the Lola Casademunt Audience Award 2023 at the Fira de Circ al Carrer of La Bisbal d'Empordà (July 2023), as well as the Espai l'Amistat Prize for Artistic Creation organized by the Premià de Mar Town Council, which signifies recognition of the project and financial support for the creation process.

Lucio Alberto Baglivo
Núm. d'intèrprets:
Membres de l'APCC en aquest espectacle:
Bàrbara Vidal Pascual, Bernat Messeguer Pérez
Fitxa Artística:

Idea original i producció: Cia. Du’K’tO

Direcció artística: Lucio A. Baglivo

Mirada externa coreogràfica: Laia Santanach

Composició musical: Pol Jubany

Intèrprets: Adrián Pérez, Bàrbara Vidal i Bernat Messeguer

Material audiovisual: Raul Cavero Garrido

Col·laboradors: Cronopis Espai de Circ a Mataró (CAT), Centre d’Investigació Escènica (IB), Teatre Principal (IB), Fira de Circ al Carrer (CAT), SC Sant Jaume (CAT) i Aula de Teatre (CAT)

Amb el suport: Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (CAT)

Reconeixements: “Premis Espai l’Amistat a la Creació Artística” de Premià de Mar (CAT) i

“Premi del Públic Lola Casademont” de la Fira de Circ al Carrer (CAT)

Estrena absoluta: Fira Tàrrega ‘23

Distribució: Fani Benages i Bernat Messeguer

45 min- 1h15 min
Any estrena:
Tipus de públic:
Tots els públics
Tipus d'espai:
Música en directe:
Persona de contacte:
Bernat Messeguer Pérez


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