Naguis & Bobas


With Bobas, the character created by Tortell Poltrona·s company, Boris Ribas plays with varied circus techniques such as balance, juggling, acrobtics and magic, developped since 1995 on diferent shows, mostly with Circ Cric and Circo Los for the last 20 years.

Ignasi Pujol often plays Bobas·s white clown, adding live music with his piano and electric bass on his own or together with Bobas, who plays the trombon, trumpet and tuba.

All this organized by Jordi Aspa·s excellent external look and insight, ex dirctor of one of Catalonias most important festivals for more than 10 years, Festival Trapezi, a true catalogue of great

The show is for all audiences, working perfecty on street, theatre stage and of course on a round stage under a circus tent, the circus show·s natural habitat.

A circus show is virtual poetry challenging common sense through balance, acrobatics, juggling, magic, lots of humour and live music. Because we believe that making people laugh and have a jolly good time is our way of improving the world.

Jordi Aspa
Núm. d'intèrprets:
Membres de l'APCC en aquest espectacle:
Boris Caetano Ribas
Fitxa Artística:

Intèrprets: Boris Ribas I Ignasi Pujol Direcció: Boris Ribas Producció: Boris Ribas Decorat: Boris Ribas i Bernat Fugarolas Vestuari: Adriano Marçal i Cio Música, arranjaments i composició: Ignasi Pujol Mirada externa: Jordi Aspa Distribució: Montse Ferrer Col·laboracions: Circ Los, Circ Cric i Teatre Marduix

45 min- 1h15 min
Any estrena:
Tipus de públic:
Tots els públics
Tipus d'espai:
Carpa, Carrer, Sala
Música en directe:
Persona de contacte:
Boris Caetano Ribas


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