Become a member

Joining APCC means becoming part of the community of circus professionals who advocate for their rights and work to improve the conditions of the entire sector.

APCC is constantly engaged in promoting and spreading circus arts to achieve professional enhancements and public recognition for the entire sector. It also regularly provides up-to-date information and training to all its members for the practice of their profession.

1. Who can become a member?

Any individual from any background engaged in circus arts as a profession and having two years of experience (whether in artistic or technical, business, management, production, direction, dramaturgy, scenography, journalism, etc.).

Students from professional circus schools (during the training years and the 1st year of employment) can also join with special economic conditions and will have access to the accreditation card, activity discounts, and updated information.

2. Membership Fees

  • Professional Membership: €120 annually // €30 quarterly (Registration Fee: €15)
  • Discounted Membership for companies or projects with 2 affiliated members: €84 annually per person / €21 quarterly
  • Discounted Membership for companies or projects with 3 affiliated members: €78 annually per person / €19.5 quarterly
  • Discounted Membership for companies or projects with 4 affiliated members: €72 annually per person / €18 quarterly
  • Discounted Membership for companies or projects with 5 or more affiliated members: €66 annually per person / €16.5 quarterly

The discount will apply to professionals affiliated with the same company and to individuals who are part of the circus project management team.

  • Student Membership: €30 annually. Applicable to students in circus schools during the final year of studies and the following year.
  • Senior Membership: €30 annually.
  • Membership for foreign residents: €30 annually. Does not grant access to all services, such as consultations.

(Individuals eligible for any discount can choose this fee as a way to collaborate in solidarity with APCC).

In addition, APCC offers certain discounts for individuals facing circumstances that hinder the practice of their profession, whether due to health or family reconciliation reasons.

  • Discount for individuals from large or single-parent families: 50% off the fee until the children reach adulthood - €60 annually / €15 quarterly
  • Long-term injury discount (over 3 months): 50% off the fee during the time of medical leave - €15 quarterly
  • Maternity discount (for artists): 50% off the fee for 1 year - €15 quarterly

3. Advantages and Discounts

By joining, you will have access to a range of benefits: access to the private area for members with professional information on calls, job offers, and aid; free advisory service, discounts on theaters, training courses, professional services, etc., and many more.

4. How to become a member

  1. Fill out the registration form
  1. Attach your resume. If you cannot prove your training or professional experience in the field of circus, you must send an email to with an endorsement from 2 APCC members; two affiliates must inform the Association recognizing your professional trajectory // List of members at this link)

Your admission will be evaluated at the next board meeting, and then we will notify you of your incorporation via email.

5. How to unsubscribe

If you no longer wish to be a member of APCC at any time, you must send us an email to to notify us.